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If your answer is yes, then you’ll want to hear how Francesca pushed through barriers to go on and climb Mt Kilimanjaro and jump out of four planes.



Francesca is a passionate professional speaker who talks about life’s lessons and how they have given her invaluable insights to live life to the fullest. She is enthusiastic about discovering new possibilities and helping others to see their potential. Sharing from personal and professional experiences her relatable life examples will encourage you to be real with yourself, so you can go on to achieve your best results.

Francesca believes having a fresh perspective is vital to succeeding. She shows how you look at a goal or interpret a challenge can make or break you. In life Francesca follows the principle that every journey begins with two decisions, to believe in the possibility of something new and to trust you can do it. Francesca knows first-hand that being your own biggest cheerleader as well as seeing risks as gifts of opportunity (rather than merely obstacles), are key tools to have during times of transition and of personal or professional growth. It is with this approach Francesca has helped local businesses and charities to excel their services and improve staff performance and fulfilment levels. And it is those very beliefs and attitude which helped Francesca reach the top of the highest free-standing mountain in the world and to push through her fear of skydiving and go on to jump the highest Southern Hemisphere jump of 20,000ft in support of local Kiwis.

So far, Francesca has inspired over hundreds of people towards achieving their dreams. She loves being an active member in her community. Francesca is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand (PSANZ) and recipient of the PSANZ Fast Track Scholarship Award 2021.


Whether you’re wanting to improve your work-life balance, improve your health, get that promotion or achieve that goal that’s been pushed to the corner, Francesca’s empathetic and down to earth approach will inspire and help you to get moving towards living a truly fulfilling life.

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Professional Speaking

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

‘Get Real Method’ Workshop



The Get Real Method (workshop)

In Francesca’s Get Real Method workshop, she demonstrates that by following practical steps and applying specific tools you can achieve your dreams and goals.

Whether your aim is to make a difference in your personal or professional life, this engaging workshop teaches you skills to help get you there! Francesca offers insight into the importance of enjoying the process and how this is vital in getting you to your goal.

What PEOPLE say

I had the opportunity to hear Francesca speak recently and found her presentation both professional and engaging. She has a warm style of delivery that the audience responded to well, and shared stories that were both relatable and inspiring. I highly recommend her as a speaker.
Cat Coluccio

Founder , Your Life of Purpose With Cat Coluccio

Francesca speaks from the heart and her calming yet assertive presence and tone is one that makes you feel at ease when listening. It feels like you are listening to a friend.
Kara Reid


Francesca created an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. She is an amazing speaker, so natural and entertaining. What a fun night we had!
Donna Bedford

Organiser, Assistance Dog Charity Event

Francesca knows how to bring speeches alive and inspire the audience. Whether a small group or hundreds, she is confident and engaging. Her genuine interest in people shows in her speeches and facilitation through warmth and connection.
Daniel Barthow

Beautification Trust , CEO

Francesca was a dynamic MC and engaged all the audience with ease. Her real and relatable demeanour draws people in. And even when our systems malfunctioned, she exhibited exceptional professionalism to help us get back on track!
Julie King

Founder of Love Soup

Having seen Francesca speak, I was moved and inspired to climb my mountain and face fears. She spoke in a way that was interesting, insightful, and captivating and I would recommend her to any audience. I admire her courage and bravery and know she will do great things to help others break through their own barriers to achieve their goals and dreams.
Jodi Parris


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